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The pesto wrap is amazing ... read more
Miles Churchill via - Jul 27, 2020
En ensaladas es lo mejor ... read more
Rosa Delia del Transito Salazar Figueroa via - Jul 27, 2020
I wanted a place where I can get a salad to-go and that's when I found Salad House. I ordered their kale caesar salad and added falafels to it. It was really good and filling mostly because it had chunks of chicken mixed with the kale. The caesar dressing wasn't too much and wasn't too little, it was the perfect amount. Didn't leave ... read more
Bobby Andrew via - Jul 17, 2020
Pleasantly surprised by the promptness ...
Pleasantly surprised by the promptness of my order, my order being correct AND darn tasty!!! I will be back!
V M. via - Jul 14, 2020
Delicious, healthy salads!! The make-your-own has so many options. It's great.
Toni Bell via - Jul 13, 2020
I got the Santa Fe salad and it ...
I got the Santa Fe salad and it was absolutely delicious. It was a very good portion size and everything was fresh.
Kayla M. via - Jul 6, 2020
Always a great experience. The family who owns the business is very friendly and courteous.The food is delicious and always made with good fresh ingredients. I highly recommend this place.
Daniele Tonazzini via - Jul 3, 2020
seriously it is fricken amazing ...
seriously it is fricken amazing. biggest salad ever that I couldn't finish in one sitting and i'm a 6'3 man who can pound some good food.
really fresh, really yummy, affordable, and the best take out salad i've had in chicago by far
cashier was friendly and service was fast - had it ready in 15 minutes.
Justus W. via - Jun 30, 2020
Salads are fresh and extremely ...
Salads are fresh and extremely large serving sizes. The loaded baked potatoes are also huge and a meal within themselves!
Danielle N. via - Jun 29, 2020
These salads and everything is so freakin fresh and AMAZING! It’s so fresh and so yummy! How do you combine fresh and yummy? I want their secret! Everything is always so good. I’d never eat salads if it wasn’t for this place. I had to call and thank them it’s so good!! Buy it!
Sincerely Tiara via - Jun 24, 2020
I discovered this place online ...
I discovered this place online while looking for something healthy but tasty to cure my quarantine blues. Now I'm obsessed and it's my work from home go-to! The Berry Salad and Santa Fe Salad are my favorites! And they're super fast!
Allison Y. via - Jun 8, 2020
This place may look modest from the outside, but they have delicious salads and their ingredients are always fresh. I love to get a kale make-your-own with the Chipotle dressing and the Roasted Vegetable specialty salad is also very good. I love having this around the corner during work-from-home days!
Elaine Eggert via - Jun 3, 2020
I order lunch from this place almost twice a week. Their dressings are phenomenal and portions are great. Highly recommend!
Joanna Pelletier via - May 23, 2020
One of the best and most slept ...
One of the best and most slept on spots in East Lakeview! We get Salad House at least twice a week. It's our go-to spot when "we want something healthy and tasty, but don't feel like cooking." Consistently fresh and fast.
Corey H. via - May 18, 2020
Soo good!! I got the roasted veggies ...
Soo good!! I got the roasted veggies salad and I was blown away. I used to order sweetgreens once a week because they have an outpost in my office. The last couple times Ive had them, they forgot something or barely had lettuce. Tonight I was craving a salad, and thought I should try something new. Brussel Sprouts, Sweet potatoes, ro ... read more
Kelsey M. via - May 14, 2020
through all of the COVID madness, this place has quickly become my new favorite spot for healthy lunches! Family owned, great prices, and the food is actually INCREDIBLE. All of their wraps are delicious and their salads are HUGE and packed full of toppings for cheaper than other big salad places. My favorite part - it comes in a bro ... read more
Michael LaVallee via - Apr 23, 2020
I got healthier walking into this place. Smelt very fresh and green compared to other local places. Food was tasty ... read more
vegaBonde via - Mar 4, 2020
Grain blend Santa Fe salad was awesome!
Steven Foster via - Mar 1, 2020
If you want to eat healthy, this is the place!
Patricia Tidmore via - Feb 25, 2020
Fresh & Amazing every time ... read more
The Mew via - Feb 22, 2020
Probably the best salad I've ever ...
Probably the best salad I've ever had. I always get the Tuscan  kale Cesar and it's always delicious. Service was the absolute best. She was so kind and double checked if I wanted any extras ir substitutions. Highly recommend!
Alexa C. via - Feb 3, 2020
Friendly staff and standard salad ...
Friendly staff and standard salad fare! All of the vegetables were fresh - I could hear the staff chopping away as we ordered. Plenty of options for a fresh bite, as well as soup and grain bowl options. A pretty good deal and generous portions.
Katey H. via - Feb 2, 2020
Amazing salads and wraps - staff is always super kind and helpful.
Malia Taylor via - Jan 16, 2020
I LOVE the blackened chicken wrap -- I've been a customer for 3+ years, and they have always delivered delicious food. HIGHLY recommend.
Adrienne Price via - Jan 8, 2020
Came in for an early lunch. The ...
Came in for an early lunch. The selection was great and the person behind the counter was so patient. Everything is fresh and the portions are more than enough.
Craig I. via - Jan 3, 2020
Good variety. Fresh and tasty!
L M via - Oct 26, 2019
makes good salads but needs more space
I quite enjoyed the salad and was happy with how large it was. They make it quick and fresh. There was a constant line of to go folks the whole time. I like to eat in and they do not have a lot of space....More ... read more
Patrick J via - Aug 30, 2019
They make a very good salad. The ...
They make a very good salad. The bowls look small but when you start in on them they are good sized salads. I had the Chef Salad and was well pleased. Because of their size they do not have a lot of sitting area but the line of to go folks was always full and it seemed popular with those in line. If the food is good, folks will stand ... read more
Patrick J. via - Aug 30, 2019
This place has the best salads ...
This place has the best salads with lots of fresh veggies and cheese and protein to choose from. So good that I ordered two salads while I sat in its quiet ambiance watching a Netflix documentary. I will certainly make this my regular go to whenever I'm in the city!
Heather B. via - Aug 25, 2019
I love this place, the people are so nice and the salads are delicious!
Kristopher Sookma via - Aug 24, 2019
It is the easiest way to chow down healthy and be full ... read more
Joanne McSweeney via - Aug 13, 2019
The service was awesome and the salad was superb. Definitely visit this place!
souriezmonami via - Aug 1, 2019
שירות ברמה וסלט טרי ... read more
דודו ארוש via - Aug 1, 2019
First-time ordering and it was delicious. Much better than expected because my office used Fooda for delivery and you just never know what you'll get. But I ordered a mixed green salad with sun-dried tomatoes. Everything was fresh. They didn't skimp on the toppings or greens. Very happy.
Oya via - Aug 1, 2019
Great selection of healthy food options.
Beth Donovan via - Jul 12, 2019
good place to catch up with friends. the staff was very sociable and kind. bring your appetite because portions are large.
Amy Harrison via - Jul 5, 2019
I love this place and how you can ...
I love this place and how you can customize your own salads. The wraps are also really delicious! Don't sleep on them! And the soups are also delightful af. If you're looking for healthy and hearty, this is my go-to spot in this area.
Mitchell D. via - Jul 5, 2019
Great, quick, healthy and friendly place!
Tim .S via - Jul 4, 2019
Very friendly staff went out of their way to make exactly the salad I wanted. Nice food too. :p ... read more
Michael Turner via - Jun 28, 2019
Nice salads and wraps ... read more
Bobby Williamson via - Jun 20, 2019
Our salad was delivered very quickly and everything was fresh! We were able to see a large variety of ingredients on the other side of the counter. We also had a lot of different variety of salad dressings available to us. Sufficient seating space both inside and outside the restaurant, with ample public parking around it. Overall, ... read more
uev726uwv ;jev'idh via - Jun 19, 2019
I love Cinnamon! She makes THEE BEST salads always has a positive attitude is patient with my orders and always does it with a smile on her face. I am in the service industry as well and dealing with the general public can be challenging but she handles herself with grace every time! Thanks for my salads and the good laughs Cinnamon!
Marianne King via - Jun 9, 2019
Really nothing but enjoyable experiences here, I'll be back. The bill was fair. Feeling here is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I liked.
Sarah Pitts via - Jun 4, 2019
staff is always nice even when they have a full house. food is like a restaurant in louisville i loved.
Elena Bates via - May 8, 2019
Muy frescas ensaladas a buen precio ... read more
Ricaurte Victoria Muñoz via - Apr 22, 2019
i love going here. fast, efficient, and courteous service. it has a great atmosphere.
Jared Smith via - Apr 20, 2019
Build-your-own salad. Small place with not much seating but killer ingredients.
Damian Alvarez via - Apr 9, 2019
Food was really fresh and delicious! And the staff was so helpful when uber eats didn’t actually have anyone picking up my food. Much appreciated!
Michael Saric via - Apr 4, 2019
I had one of the best salads of my life here. The Caribbean mango dressing is sooo good. Staff is super friendly, store and food counter are super clean, plus they let me sub the meat for beans and mushrooms no charge! Must try.
Ansley Allen via - Mar 23, 2019
I just love this place. Great salads, great wraps, great chili. Is it sad to say that I order SH from UberEats at least three times a week? ... read more
John Gallagher via - Mar 18, 2019
Whenever we are this way I try to get my bride a salad. She loves this place. The freshness and taste ... read more
Robert R. Holliday via - Mar 17, 2019
Great food! Very fresh, very tasty.
Harlen Fleming via - Feb 16, 2019
I recently had the opportunity ...
I recently had the opportunity to try the Salad House on a trip to Chicago.  My takeout order was ready on time.  The salad was very fresh and the portion size was large.  I also had a bowl of chili which was excellent.  Nothing beats a salad with fresh ingredients and protein for a quick dinner.I am a fan and would order again from ... read more
G H. via - Nov 29, 2018
I order from Salad House at least ...
I order from Salad House at least once a week on UberEats. I ordered it on a whim once, wanting a fresh/healthy meal I didn't have to cook & I've loved it since. I get the buffalo chicken wrap every time. I don't personally use the Caesar dressing, bc I love the wrap exactly how it comes. I've always had it arrive fresh, which is pro ... read more
Taylor L. via - Nov 6, 2018
Literally the best wrap I've ever had (my favorite is the Cobb). They make every item with love, I swear. The food is ALWAYS fresh and delicious! -- Update: my boyfriend said this review looks fake.....IT'S NOT!!! In fact, he's picking me up a wrap tonight. :) ... read more
Carly Romano via - Sep 5, 2018
The website was exactly what I was looking for. We will be going there when we arrive in Chicago. :) ... read more
Rob Harris via - Aug 23, 2018
First time ever ordering. I ordered through Uber Eats because the pictures of their food looked delicious. I ordered the blackened chicken wrap and I was not disappointed! I think I found my new favorite place. I’ll definitely be ordering again soon.
Yadira Flores via - Jul 21, 2018
Salad house is right around the ...
Salad house is right around the corner from me and I have been there plenty of times. The couple that owns it is so nice and cares about giving you a fresh salad that you'll enjoy. The best part is that you can add as many toppings as you would like for no extra charge. Avocado and egg are extra- but totally worth it. My salads even ... read more
Leah S. via - Jul 17, 2018
Love this place. The employees ...
Love this place. The employees are really friendly and the veggies are fresh.  This is alway my go-to place for a quick salad.
Jamie M. via - Jul 11, 2018
Salad house is the best bang for ...
Salad house is the best bang for your buck in Lakeview. For under $10, you can get a massive salad with tons of toppings. This place is right around the corner from my apartment, and it's always a go-to for something quick, easy and healthy when I need it. I'll definitely be back again soon!
Nathan N. via - Jun 30, 2018
Such a convenient and delicious ...
Such a convenient and delicious place! This was my first time here and my daughter is a regular. Fresh lettuce and unlimited fix-ins! Whether your craving a Mexican style salad or Greek salad they have the perfect vegetables, cheeses, meats, and dressings! Perfect spot to grab a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. Also the owners are ... read more
Alisa P. via - Jun 30, 2018
Fair prices and a huge selection of salad toppings and dressings. The salads are so huge, I sometimes have leftovers. Everything has been fresh each time I visited. I’d recommend getting your salad chopped, it tastes great.
Rachel Hunter via - May 27, 2018
Fast service fresh salads. Easy ...
Fast service fresh salads. Easy to understand menu and they prepare right in front of you. You can eat in by their counter in front of their window or there are a couple of tables where you can sit in. I've been coming in for their salads for years. If you're looking for healthy options this place is a gem in the Lakeview neighborhoo ... read more
Megumi N. via - Apr 10, 2018
Best "health food" I've had in ...
Best "health food" I've had in Chicago! I got the chicken pesto wrap with cilantro dressing and was blown awayYour dollar definitely goes a long way here, would recommend!!!
Mykah W. via - Apr 7, 2018
Your dollar goes much further at ...
Your dollar goes much further at Salad House than at any of the other Chicago salad bars I've been to. At the standard rate, each order gets 5 basic toppings + 2 specialty toppings + 1 cheese + 1 meat + dressing. All of that for under $10 after tax! You can't beat the price or the variety of toppings. The salads are also huge and cou ... read more
Kaitlyn F. via - Apr 2, 2018
The southwestern salad is pretty ...
The southwestern salad is pretty good. I like the cilantro lime dressing. It costs $9. I also thought their flan was decent. My only complaint is the wraps, for $7.75 it needs more fillings. My wrap was mostly all lettuce with a little bit of turkey and even less bacon.  Customer service was good. Not sure I would return though, just ... read more
Jaclyn W. via - Mar 27, 2018
Manager made my salad and was very helpful being as it was my first time. Nice to have a salad spot around!
Sammy Worthington via - Mar 7, 2018
I definitely love that we have ...
I definitely love that we have a salad place here in Lakeview.  I don't always try to eat super healthy, like I should.  But Salad House encourages me to do better, and they make it really easy.The vegetable, meat and cheese options are really impressive.  Much better than most salad bars around the area.  Yeah, you're gonna pay a li ... read more
Robert B. via - Mar 7, 2018
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